Композитор Людмила Тимофеева-Русина



Lyudmila Timofeeva-Rusina was born in the city of Kharkov where she got a basic and special music education. She graduated from musical and philological Universities in Moscow, Russia. A. Litvinov, the academician of music, professor of the Arts University was her teacher in composition and instrumentation. She is a member of  Russia author's society.

At first her romances were performed on a professional stage in 1999. Vocal cycles on verses of A.Fet, T.Shevchenko, L.Ukrainka, Czech poets of the19th century, National poet of Ukraine S.Oleynik, choral songs on verses of Metropolitan of Kharkov and Bogoduhov Nikodim, on verses of the Russian Writers Union secretary A.Romanovsky, symphonic suite “The Whole World is Love”, one-act comic opera (concert version) “Jolly Beggars” on cantata of R.Burns,  piano songs and romances on her own verses were created and performed. The opera-drama “Wind of Toledo”, children’s opera “Think of desire”, "The Poet" on verses of M. Jalil are ready for performance.

The music of L.Timofeeva-Rusina sounded on scenes of the National philharmonic societies, at concert halls of Russia, Canada, Germany, Poland and Ukraine.

She is a constant participant of annual Easter evenings of Slavonic poetry and music and awarded the medal of Repubic Tatarstan.

Public, journalists and critics mark deep melody, lyricism and originality of L.Timofeeva-Rusina music. Many compositions are periodically performed on the radio and television and included into the educational programs of Kharkov University of arts on vocal and composition classes.

Lyudmila lives and works in Moscow.